For Love

To utter it, reveals every emotion.
To write it, places your heart on paper.
To look into another’s eyes with it, reveals your soul.

Tears down walls and builds them up.
Places anguish and pain in the mind until we find it.
Kills the heart, melts the heart, and turns it to stone.
The burdensome paradox we so longingly want and are terrified by when we find it.
It is a touch, a glance, a word, a chance.
Is a life that matters, cared for, kept and set free.
No matter who you are, there will be a time for…Love.

Is the most powerful word we use and seldom use it.
Find love within to share it.
Speak of love so others may hear it.
Write it down to show others its power.

…All of this just to say…
…I love you more…

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