The Hearth of Love

The life of a love builds a hearth.  In this life, there are many hearths built but some more complete than others.  The stages are set, the players meet, and the building begins…

Bricks of Passion:  Hot fire, quick to flame and hardens the beginning bricks to a solid so dense that its memory is held within for all of eternity.  These bricks set the foundation for what may come…For without passion there is no dirt for love to grow.

Bricks of Common:  When passion settles and the mind finds its way in, there are clues given if the hearth is going to continue to be built. The “Bricks of Common” are built through common ground, interests, laughter, family, childhood memories, food.  The fire continues and hardens these bricks for another level of love to grow.

Bricks of Ice:  While “Passion” and “Common” are built by a hot flame the Bricks of Ice are built by a fire so hot that it feels cold to the touch and burns like fire.  There is no love without passionate anger.  Ice in love teaches boundaries and gives the hearth corners and edges.  A hearth must have boundaries in order to contain the fire within.

Within the hearth, a life together begins.  The journey is measured in the ash left behind by the “Wood of Life.”

The Wood of Life:  Gathered together and stored by the hearth, the “Wood of Life” fuels the flames within the hearth.  Some wood piles are larger than others and some piles are smaller but the flame within burns white hot and can be seen for miles.

There are times a log may dim the flame.  A wood so tough the “Hearth of Love” has a hard time figuring out how to burn it or keep the fire going.  No matter how many other logs you throw into the hearth the flame doesn’t change or burn any hotter.  These “Logs of Trouble” can snuff out the flame if the hearth is left unattended.

The “Wood of Life” feeds our days and nights with the one we love.  There are too many different “Logs of Life” to list, and we all know them too well.  After the pile is gone and the hearth has grown cold there is nothing left but the “Ash of Memory.”

The Ash of Memory:  After the fire has died the “Logs of Life” leave behind an ash, this horribly horrific and yet wonderful ash to remind us of the flames the “Hearth of Love” once held.

Holding the ash fills our mind with the memories of the once was and our minds drift to the what could have been.  The “Ash of Memories” are both a torment and terrific thing for our mind to handle. We learn from the ashes as the memories slide through our fingers.  Each grain touching our skin and sifting through the depths of our mind to show us each and every moment…Achingly we beg for the memories to stop but our hands continue to dig through the ash.

Build your hearth, stockpile your wood, make the ash…And remember, it is all for love.

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