The Wandering Soul

Do you hear it?  Can you feel it?  It’s there, beating in your chest like a National Geographic video of a reenactment portraying an ancient tribe pounding the drums of war.  It cadrumslls out to you, compels you to go where others fear to trod.

To wander seems foreign to most while living on the face of this big blue orb hurling through space and yet we are satisfied with being…here.  Where is here?  I can’t figure out the notion of wanting to be “put”…Can you?  There are no cages to bind us anywhere and yet we stay in this twirled bag like a covey of quail in a blind.

The drums have a life of their own…They beat for all who can feel their strength pounding in their soul to go…Somewhere.  Can you hear them yet? BOOM boom BOOM BOOOOM…There is a magic in its rhythm begging you to follow…But where?

That inner part of you hearing the drums is the same sound NASA hears, Christopher Columbus heard it, the Vikings, and so many others who question the standard of just being “put”.  Can you hear it yet?

There is no wrong destination.  The only wrong place is where you are now.  No one can answer the call for you nor can they guide you to the pot of gold that awaits.  Only you can decide to answer.

Only you can decide to go.


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