The Knots of Life

Our lives cannot be summed up by a single word.  Life is a chaotic ballet of intrinsic lines leading us toward death…And death is the end of time, our singular time on earth. We can’t fight death, nor would we win against it. It is the epitome of what our lives come to when time runs out.
So, in the attempt to wrangle time we tie knots in our lives, hoping to keep everything in order or at least within arm’s reach. There are two different kinds of knots we tie in our lives and one is vastly different from the other. We tie them without thinking, untie portions unknowingly, and some knots are untied for us.

tangled-cord The Knot of Angst: This knot is tied by our attempt to keep order in our lives…It’s a messy ball of knot after knot…It becomes wildly erratic, misshapen, and heavy. It leaks of things we are so desperately trying to keep together. No matter how many knots we tie things fall out and are squeezed out due to the over-tying and retying of each knot.
As our life progresses we continually work on this knot year after year. We so desperately attempt to keep it all in…school, sports, taxes, bills, work, money, egos, appointments, social media, politics, chores, children, monetary things, yada, yada, yada… We keep tying knot after knot working so diligently each and every day to make sure the knots are secure…
The Knot of Angst is a tiring chore and we spend the bulk of lives tying this knot.

hands-sunset The Knot of Love: This knot is usually tied at the end of the day with whatever string is left over after tying up the Knot of Angst. This knot is the most important knot and yet we spend the least amount of time tying it. It is the easiest of knots to be untied while we worry about the Knot of Angst. The Knot of Love can be tied and untied either by ourselves, someone else or over time by neglect.
The Knot of Love becomes an important knot to us, usually during special times of the year as we take a break from tying the Knot of Angst…Getting married, special dates on the calendar, vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, births, yada, yada, yada…Even though these knots are important to us we spend less time and practice in tying good knots to keep the Knot of Love as an actual knot.

The difference in these two knots is striking. The value in these two knots is inseparable, but one is far more valuable than the other. We must have both knots in order for life to exist and for each to be in balance is the task at hand. We only have a finite amount of time and as stated, each knot cannot tie up time but one knot is keeping us from the time we should be spending tying one instead of the other.

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