Live Again

To live again. After life ends is when you learn to live. It’s unfortunate that it takes a monumentous event for us to learn to live. Life is very different from living. Everyone breathing has a life but not everyone lives. Life is on the terms of the world and our society at large. Living begins when you realize none of those things matter anymore.becoming-truly-energetic-alive When we were children we lived for each and every day. We did not understand the concept of responsibility, future, laws, taxes, jobs, healthcare, war…and so on. We LIVED for the moment. We lose that ability at different ages due to our LIFE circumstances. As an adult it takes an event, that one bit of darkness, to force us to remember what LIVING really means.

To live again is hard. It means to shrug-off the heavy laden rules we have become accustom to and grasp hold of the small vine living right in front of us. That vine has always been there but we are blinded by the life we are handed. Living is a choice. It doesn’t mean you run around breaking laws, not paying your taxes or not going to the dentist…All of those things have a place in our LIFE but they are not what we LIVE to accomplish.

Live again. Grab hold of the idea of living. For each of us that means something very different. Life is to exist while living is to make something worthwhile in this life. Living is not a dream nor are you stuck in a life. Making excuses for not living is what keeps you fenced in to a life of just existing.

Learn what living means to you. Working your way through life so you can live is a futile game you never win. Choose to live. Choose to see the path that has always been there but you have been too scared to take. Living is a choice and if that means changing everything in your life so you can live then so be it…You only have once chance to LIVE…

…So, Live again.


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