A Day

In a single day there are events that slide by us. Events we never realize how lasting their seemingly fleeting moments leave an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.

*Coffee in the morning…Purple cup and two creamers.
*After her shower, lathered in lotion and hangs her towel neatly.
*Going to Costco – always had to pee right when get there…even though she did that before we left the house.
*Holding my hand as I drive and telling me to stop biting my nails.
*talking about nothing as I prepare dinner.
*Patiently waiting for the fire in the fireplace to be built to roast her tiny feet.
*Binge watching our shows until one of us passes out.
*Curling her feet around my legs and holding her close.

Sleep. The day is done. The moments gone. Another day passes and you aren’t here.

A day. This new day without any of those fleeting moments is tragic and long. This new day with no indelible marks.

It has become just a day.

a day

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