A Heart that Saves

Spend it wisely some would say to the heart…Don’t give too much away.  In a span of a lifetime there are many who come along that take without giving, steal without asking, and those who crush a priceless jewel that has been freely given.

Living with a heart filled with a giving spirit leaves itself open as prey.  But the giver never seems to run out of giving even after so much has been taken.  They believe all who ask should receive and all who take fear asking.  It is the giver who is the strongest of us all.

The giver saves…They have the largest coupon book known to mankind.  You need them more than they need you but from all appearances the giving heart is the one who bleeds the most.  The giver saves you from the you, you shouldn’t become.

The giver saves…As you take from them they pour more on you.  They have more to give than you can take.  The flood can scare off those who are vying for just a taste but the one’s who live off them eventually grow weakened by the heft of their love.Heart-In-Hands-1024x723

The heart that saves pumps all it has to all that ask and even to those who don’t.  The giving heart saves nothing for itself and requests nothing in return.  Where does this heart find bottom?  And when it eventually gets there it has more pain than most will ever understand.

The heart that saves can never save itself.  It must die to be reborn again.  The heart that saves can live and die many times over and yet each time it still gives everything it has to those who need or want it.

A heart that saves binds us all.


  1. The giving heart feels deeply and crashes suddenly. At times sadness overwhelms a giving heart and leaks out in tears and sobs for seemingly no reason. A giving heart yearns to be filled, not by material things, but by grace. My saving grace has always been a Spiritual renewal from the One Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ my savior who is among us.


  2. Thanks for reading my post and commenting! The Heart that Saves post was not about religion…But I wrote it in a way so I would get some religious responses. Thank you for adding a heart felt response…it’s a big reason why I love to write.


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