A Leaf’s Story

newleaves-2Born among a thousand others yet is a singular entity in its life. The leaf has a journey not unlike our own.

Brilliantly born into the world and loved by all who see the leaf’s life emerge from its warm sleepy cocoon. As the leaf grows it throws its shade to protect those around it from the harshness of the world.

Ray Through Lush Forest Plants

Months go by in the leafs life and it sees some around it fall by the wayside. Watching as the ill leaves fall to the ground and yet the leaf continues on, relying on those around it for help to protect its home.

Months go by and the leaf has seen so many others fall. It still carries on and yet the colors of sadness start to show and age the leaf.fall-foliage-in-japan-559690459-59c69cb10d327a0011344091-1

Life grows colder and the leaf knows that it too shall fall. It braces itself against the prevailing winds. Colder and colder the leaf sees that almost everyone has gone.

last-leafOn a cool crisp morning the leaf has grown tired, its majestic color has faded to a wrinkled brown. Scared of the unknown that has befallen so many before, the little brown leaf lets go.

The leaf feels the wind rush past taking it higher and higher. It wonders where it will land as it looks down at its wonderful home that is now almost naked.

Leaving it all behind.

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