After the Dawn

Daybreak awakens the last beating heart…

It shuffles through the day hoping to see a reason to stay.  Mornings are long but the night is a tortuous dark of sleepless black ink.  The heart tells the mind to wait a little longer…To fight against the tide and remain.

Each step sounds like cannon fire…The heart seems not to notice the pain of each and every step and how “the day” slaves the feet to do its bidding.  With the body gaining traction toward the night with every agonizing step…only to know the mind has no way to run.

Hands burn, cold as space, nothing but memories to hold.  Touch of love is no longer a reality but remains a distant memory as the hands crave to make it real. There is nothing there but the emptiness of the once was.

The smell of love to brighten the afternoon is missing from the nose.  To taste the air left behind would be a nostalgic comfort to the palate.  The softness of a lovers kiss is forever gone from the lips, leaving behind a deserted room filled with nothing but words of grief.

The eyes see it all and help envision the things left behind that were special.  To know their touch was placed on each and every object around the room, leaving a mark…their mark.  The eyes have to wear a mask in public, holding back the sea of Galilee for the tears that will be shed in private.

The mind waits for sleep.  The day has been spent keeping it all together…Waiting for sleep to come.  Each step pains the mind because there is no one walking beside.  The empty hands force the mind to remember touch.  Each new day without the smell, taste, and sight of the one we love pains the mind to erase the once was…try to forget…but it can’t…the mind never forgets.


Daybreak awakens the last beating heart…


One comment

  1. I think I might need to explain my thoughts on this post… It is dark and sad. After my wife died I felt like this every day…Still do sometimes. I wrote this as a reminder of where not to go and to help others see this path if they are on it. Once you recognize how this post relates to you then maybe..just maybe you can see your way out.


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