In the Quiet

When there are no words…Only the sounds of Earth. Birds chirp…A distant bark. The type of quiet when you can hear your own voice and not a word has been spoken. Quiet. The soul has a place in our mind that it retreats to until this type of quiet arrives.

innervoicelarger-730x400Only when we reach that altitude of silence and our inner voice arrives to speak plainly about our thoughts, can we begin to reach an agreement with ourselves about our life, our plans and our past. Honesty, unfiltered, and abashed “mind speech” is better than any psychotherapist glop from a cold sweat-filled couch.

The voice. Quiet. Listen to your mind…It has things to say about you. The foreboding inner voice lets you know things you refuse to tell yourself or outright ignore. That voice helps us grow but we must be honest and actually hear it. That voice is not there to always spout bad things, it is a voice of reason, of calm, of sadness, elation, regret and so on. It is you. You are hearing you…But are you listening?

Time to listen. In time there is time. In our mind there is time, distance, depth, speed, 7.9.18_Listening-1024x683taste, smell, emotion, and sound. When you are in the summit of quiet, bring in each of these areas to help you understand the path in life you are on. What it means to be there…in that moment…And what decisions or actions it took to place you where you are today. Listening to your mind is more than voice alone.

From beyond. In this time of quiet there may be time for others from your past to speak. Dead or alive doesn’t matter…It’s their words that offer a jewel for you to hear. Do you hear them? Be quiet. It may have been a conversation with grandma or that time you went fishing with dad. In my case it’s my late wife. Sit. Hear them…Listen.

Spiritual listening. We have all listened for God. He does not “speak” to everyone. Be quiet. Be still. Listen. Yammering on in prayer is not the way to reach for God. Be quiet. Be still. Be patient. Wait. That deep feeling of soft wave after wave will fill your mind and soul. Without a word spoken, you will know what was said. Be still. Be quiet. Be.

Find your quiet.


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