In the Shadow of Time

After reading the title did you check the time?  Did you immediately think about work or how many hours you had left in the day?  Time is deadly…It waits for nothing and no one.  How much time is too much time when you put it into perspective against life?  Sometimes a day feels like a month, a month like a year and so on….but why?  In those moments where time drags are we making use of the slippage in time?

On Earth, time is a constant force.  In space, according to experts, if we were to go fast enough time would actually slow down as we traveled faster and faster, while Space warp travel trough universeeverything on Earth would stay the same.  But, what if there are slippages in time when we feel it’s going slower because it actually is?…When you feel this way and say it to someone else, nine times out of ten they feel the same way…Curious?!

Time.  I want you to think about how insignificant we are in time.  If you were to take all the time it took from the big bang to now and place it on a clock, the entire history of humans is equal to about 1 second of time within that hour…ONE SECOND!  Now think about your own life within that one second of the entirety of mankind, and you would need a super computer to break down the milliseconds of a single human life.clock4

But never fear, those milliseconds of time are very important!

Think of everything you have experienced in life…The good and bad.  The places you clock3have been, the people you have met, those in your life now, and those yet to be with you.  All the food and drink you have savored…The tears of joy and sadness…The books and movies you have sat to read and witness.  Kisses, hugs, love, sex, holding hands, the anxiety of a new love and the freedom to be who you are with a long lasting love.  This list is almost endless…AND…

…All in milliseconds of time that can’t be calculated by any human…Astounding!

As we live in the shadow of time and the hand creeps forward to the next second, are we living in a way that uses time to our advantage?  When the hour seems slow are we kissing longer? Are we laughing more? Holding a hand a little tighter?  Looking at the sunset until it’s gone?  Watching the moon rise and fall?  Savoring the moments as they pass until it finally dissolves?  The ticking hand never tires and never sleeps.clock1

At the end of the day put time away.  Lock it from your mind and be in the moment that was created just for you.  In time, there will be time to do and be in the moments that require our attention, our worry, and our time.

Just remember that watching time is a creation of man, and living is far more important than time.



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