How can we love someone else when the lot of us can’t even love ourselves? We nitpick, prod and scowl at our own life believing we aren’t worth anything and yet someone else looks at us and sees something we cannot see. (Refer to my post “If I Could Live”) Why do we continue to believe the lies we tell inside our own head?

What does TRANSCENDENCE mean? ~ The existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level~

Take this word and apply it to those who love you. They see an existence you do not see. They love a heart that believes it can’t be loved. Transcendent love is something we do not understand when it is levied upon us BUT we wield this
transcendent love easily on others.

Why do we not see ourselves with the eyes of those who love us? I think the answer is quite simple.

You can love yourself all day long as a Hollywood actress or actor does but when the cards are down, the lights fade, and the phone stops ringing… That is when they see the error. True love is transcendent without lights, glory, and accolades
being strewn at your feet. We all try to live a life outside of transcendence… We all fail.

When we love someone in the transcendent manner, we give them hope, we offer respite, there are rewards of touch, of softness and beauty. There are no lights and thunderous applause for transcendent love…There’s no need for such grandeur.

What we always fail to realize is the gift of such a love when it falls upon us. We only see ourselves as unworthy when at every turn transcendent love breaks down those walls, walks right in and makes itself at home.

Remember this:

When loves breaks through let it rest where it wants and make it some tea…Let love be, don’t question love or beg for an answer as to why they love…Their eyes and heart have transcended to a place you cannot go, to see a you, you can
never see.

Me and my Boy

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