Love is Never Lost

Single? Divorced? Widowed? Married?

Love has come to us all in one form or another…We have all felt a loss of love as well.  Or have we?  Loving someone never ends.  In the heart there are pockets full of memories for each and every person we have ever loved.  Love doesn’t leave and we sure as heck never lose it because when we reminisce on that love we still feel the power it left behind.

How-to-Get-Him-to-Break-Up-With-His-Girlfriend-990x557I want you to think about a love you believe is lost…

…Bring their picture into your mind…

Remember their voice, their touch, smell, and the taste of their kiss…

…Bring into your mind the day you met.

The feelings of anxiety of holding hands for the first time…1549428187_images-10_mmthumb

See their eyes in your mind? …They look at you as if no one else existed.

Listen to their laugh and their cries…The times of anger and the moments of making up.

Grab hold of that image and replay it several times…

…Keep doing it until your tears stop flowing…Remember the reason why it ended…

…Did you stop loving them when they left?  No…You didn’t.

Heart-Shaped-USB-Memory-Stick-imageLove is never lost…just pocketed away for another time and place.  You were loved and for some reason in your story it stopped.  Love helps us grow into a lovelier being.  We blossom because of love.

We begin to understand and see the mistakes we made, the hardships, the fights, the making up, the good times, and bad that eventually lead to the departure…or in my case the passing away.

Love is never lost, it builds a pocket and fills it with memories.

Keep remembering and keep opening those pockets.  They are there for a reason and only you get to view the movies of your memory.

The love you are thinking of might be the one you have now…If so, go to them and share20181002_paul your pocket…Open it for them to see how important each and every moment you have shared with them has been neatly secured in your heart.

It may be your only chance to redeem the love it used to be…Instead of the memory it could become.

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