The Dreams of Two

In love dreams are made.  In love time shortens, and to only talk of accomplishing dreams together makes the dream fall farther and farther away.  When you have the love you need and your heart has the love it wants, give in to the dreams created together.  When time is short there is no need to wait…Go ahead and take the leap.

The dreams of two are bigger than love.

The dreams of two have no end where memory keeps…

…while laying on the beach or walking through a foreign city…

…The dreams of two lead the way.

Bank on your dreams to be money well spent.

Life is taken with each passing day…

…For there is no tomorrow…

…Because the dreams of two are meant to be finished today.

When tomorrow comes and begins to steal another life away…

…Take your love in your arms and make a dream come true.

The dreams of two…

…Are meant for lovers to bloom. 

Walk in the light lovers, for in the dark, passion is for you.  Dream together every night and as you wake for another day take each others hand and say…

You are my dream come true…

…Every day I am thankful for you.

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