I am Here

I have watched you from the very beginning.  I was there when you took your first breath.  I know every atom that makes up your entire being. I have watched you…You have never seen me, maybe never heard my voice…But I am here.

The day you came home from school, busted knee and a bloody lip, I was there helping to hold the tears falling from your cheeks.  All the times through all the years from every hurt to every fear…I am here.

From year to year I stay close by…Seeing what you have become.  No greater joy to see than you reaching for another rung, climbing higher and higher.  It is during the times of struggle I am with you the most.  I hear you in the night, crying or whispering your woes.  It is during these nights I cradle you to my chest, holding you so you will know…I am here.

Through marriage, children being born and divorce…I am here.  The good and the bad times are never far from my ear.  I know it seems you are all alone but there has never been an hour, a minute, a second that I have not been beside you…I am here.

Sickness and disease are the worst part for me.  I watch as you suffer and call out my name.  Oh child I wish I could save you from the pain…But I can not.  I see those around you trying to soothe your pain by holding your hand, singing softly and kissing you gently…It pains me to know they hurt too…But I am here.

As you walk along the meadow and gently touching the flowers…I see you stop to look around and wonder where you are.  I wait to see where you will go and who you will meet.  Your face lights up as you hug your granny and see your cat.  It is there by the tree I come over to be with you.

We sat on a log toes dangled in the water and you finally ask who I am.  I said, “Do you remember asking for help in the dead of night…Praying to be healed when you were so very sick?”…Do you remember?  I am the reason you are here.  I sacrificed so much so you could be with me.

It is in this hour and this minute I have designed a place for you.  You are not alone as there are so many who have come before you.  They too want to see you and be with you again.  So much time will pass and others will come and you will greet them too…But always remember that as it was your entire life on Earth…I am here.


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