In the Mist of Sadness

We have all been in the mist.  Sadness shrouds our every thought while we search for a way out.  Our eyes and mind wet with the thoughts that brought about the fog enveloping us.  We try to cope the best we can, waiting to hear the siren from the lighthouse before we crash.  It is the mist that hides us from the rest of humanity.

We try to be bright enough to guide our own way through, while we know there is no actual door to find.  In this mist we comfort ourselves in many ways and each person has their own vice of comfort…Some drink to forget, others may use a drug of choice, still others may use exercise or food and some just sit and wait for the mist to clear.

There is no wrong way to walk through the mist of sadness.

You may find yourself not wanting to be here anymore…Sadness has that much power.  In that walk, you will find no fix, as it only leaves a mist of sadness for others to trudge through.  Sadness knows no bounds, it has no economic border, no color, gender, and no religion.  It seeps its way in finding the darkness and making itself more powerful through our pain.

Stay the course when you find yourself surrounded by the mist.  Answer the call when someone wants to help.  There is no shame in crying out…Your tears help others find you.  Crying in the mist makes you stronger than you know.  So cry.

Be strong dear traveler.  You are not alone.  So many have trod through the mist and made it out and so can you.  Be the beacon others need when you make it to the other side.  And know that when the mist knocks at your door again, you will be stronger than you were before.

For we all walk in the mist of sadness for a time.



  1. So much insight, but the best thing, you are able to put pen to paper and express what we,I, feel and am going through,
    Thank you brother


  2. I know you hurt everyday. Be strong my friend. You still have things to complete on this earth. You have friends and family that love you. Miss you my friend.


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