The Blossom in a Garden of Weeds

There she stood.  Alone.  Beautiful and hidden by the weeds around her.  Yet, you still could catch a glimpse of beauty and her strength to rise above to burn bright among the strangling grasp of the world around her.

A petal falls.

Standing in the thicket she sees the sun from time to time and each time she does the sun seems to radiate all around her.  During the night she can be seen covering herself with the sleeping weeds for warmth and using the world around her to her advantage when she can.

Another petal falls.

A strong wind sweeps through the garden and bends the blossom to a breaking point.  Yet she hangs on through the storm seeking refuge when she can and tying herself to a nearby tree to keep from flying away.  She isn’t ready to go and knows she has the strength to blossom on.

Bends and cracks have started to form with another petal gone.

Happiness comes when a few walking by see her growing among the weeds.  They do not pluck her up but stand in awe of the beauty that grows despite of her surroundings. The passers by build a small wall around her to give her strength and to help her retain her beautiful appearance for others to see.

Even though help has come another petal falls.

The tiny blossom sees another storm forming in the sky.  She doesn’t fear it.  She tells the weeds around her she must fly with coming storm.  The weeds ask her not to go but understand her need to leave.  The blossom brushes the leaves of those around her, telling them it will be alright and to be strong after the storm.

The tiny blossom folds in its beauty.

She sleeps through the storm and as the world whips around her she finds a peace from the harsh world.  The weeds awake to see she has gone away with the wind and their garden doesn’t shine without her.  Through their best efforts the weeds try to blossom too and live a life worthy of her memory.

Bonding in strength the garden blooms without the little blossom but the sun doesn’t shine near as bright without her.

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