The Air has a Name

Life is but a breath away from death.  From the day you take your first breath until your last is only a mere pittance in time.  Yet every breath we take is one we take for granted.  All of the space in between the first one to the last is really never thought about until the end.  We need to relish in the consistency of how important breathing actually is…For without it, we will surely die.

Take a moment and breathe deeply for the next 20 seconds…

In…… out…..In… out….In…….now out……In……now out.

How do you feel?  We generally breathe very shallow breaths not really thinking that our body craves the air all around us.  We say in passing, place a person’s name here…Take’s my breath away.”  And it feels as if they actually do.  When we meet someone who is all that and a bag of chips, we wonder how have we been able to live without them for all this time?  They become the very air we breathe.

Think of that person for a moment who fits the quotation above…Think of their voice, their touch, kiss, smell, and their whole life with you in general.  Think of the good parts of their life with you and how they made you feel each and every time they were with you.

Now remove them from your life completely…

Do you notice how your thoughts of their absence made your breathing change?  You tend to hold in your breath when this happens…It’s a natural occurrence like going under water…And when you begin to breathe again, it is usually shallow or paused.

The air you breathe has a name.

In fact, the air you breathe may have many names over the course of a lifetime and maybe a few names at the same time.  But the fact remains, as you breathe, there is a name tied to each and every breath you take.

Keep breathing my friends.

For every breath has a valuable life tied to it other than your own.

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