The Heart’s Brain

Logic tells us that all thought processes are from the brain…Yet we feel things in our heart.  We say, “She is the one for me, I feel it in my heart“! or “My heart is telling me to go”.  In reality none of these things happen in the heart even though it feels as if they do.

But Why?

I imagine eons ago, before the advent of modern surgery and science, people felt the pains of blood pumping through their heart which probably started those quotes noted above.

But let’s remove the brain and the heart and lay them on the table.  Do either look as though they are capable of the things they do?  Your heart is beating from before you are born until you die…Imagine doing push-ups your entire life…That is what your heart does.  Your brain, on the other hand, just sits there, not beating or moving…and it cannot live without your heart.  Through modern medicine we can keep the body going for a little while even if the brain has died.

Could there be a chance the heart is actually in command?

Maybe it’s the heart who tells the brain we love or miss someone or the excitement we feel is conjured in the heart and not the brain.  There are scientific reports stating, every cell in our body has the map to create any other part of our body.  Where science says it’s not possible for our hearts to “think” and yet our heart cells can create another brain.

Think about that with your heart for a minute…

Your heart aches when a loved one dies.  Your heart breaks when a love is lost.  Your heart can be filled with joy, sorrow, bravery, satisfaction, doom, pessimism and so on.  Your heart has a brain to feel what our actual brain can never understand.  Your heart knows when to melt and when to build walls.

It never yields.

It never bends.

It does break, stop, and mend itself.

Your heart is mighty and yet gentle enough to be blown over by the softest touch.

While logic is the smartest way to travel.

Sometimes the heart wants, what the heart wants.


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