Inevitability ~ An outcome that is certain to happen

Death is inevitable. But as we have seen on this planet so is life.  Life happens and death is its certain end.  We spend most of our living not thinking about the certainty of our own death.  We make appointments, put things off, make plans and yet we never put on the calendar that we are going to die.

We often hear about people dying on their way to work, on their way home from work or even just going around the corner to get a jug of milk.  Death was not in their plan for the day…It just happened.  Their coin flip after waking up sided with death and before their day ended…They were no longer here.

We live our lives planning as if tomorrow will come and wanting this day to end.  How moronic are we?  Clock watching while at work or worrying about the next day and what it may bring…It is a vicious cycle we put ourselves through never understanding that all of it doesn’t mean a thing!

It really doesn’t.

Our death is the most important part of our life.  We should live KNOWING we are going to die.  If you think about life in that way, you would never wake again in the manner you do now.  Every day would be filled with laughter, kisses, helping someone, teaching others, learning, making important moments with our time even during the sad hours that come with living.

Think of your death and what that means.  Of course life moves on and even though you are not forgotten…Time has a way of fading the pain as we move onward.  Your death is important, it is the beginning of an end.  The beginning of life without you and the end of your life.

Tomorrow your coin flip may never come.

Begin your life from now on knowing you are going to die.  How different would you be to others if this is the way you live?  Would anger mean anything?  Would worry have any weight?  That extra weight you carry around your middle or the wrinkles on your face…Those things do not mean anything unless you give them value.

The value of life is measured at your death.

Begin to live for your death.


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