The Assignment

I was taking a nap in the middle of the day

And felt a tug on my toe…I mumbled…Go away

She tugged again, telling me to come look at what she has done

With one eye open looking at the clock…Seeing it’s only half-past-one

Please let me sleep a little while longer…I’m so tired, can’t you see?

It’s really important she said…They gave this assignment to me!

What assignment are you talking about and what did you have to do?

It’s really neat she said…I have learned a little trick or two

Stumbling from the couch she grabbed my hand to follow

And there in my amazement the beauty was hard to swallow

She touched the plants and flowers began to bloom

All different colors and kinds she showed me what she could do

“Where are the one’s you love the most”, I asked while looking for them too?

I’m not allowed to do those yet because it’s too sad for you

And in that moment I awoke…laying on the couch was just the cat and me

It may have only been a dream but it seemed so real so free

As I walked into the yard…All the flowers WERE in bloom

And with this wish…I hope she has another assignment soon.





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